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To all of our valued customers and consignors,
After careful consideration and evaluation of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, Value Villa will temporarily close.
Taking into account the new information about the spread of the virus and how one can spread the germ without showing signs of illness we feel we cannot sufficiently sanitize incoming merchandise and prevent close proximity contact while serving our customers at the counter.
For the sake of your health and that of our employees we will cease operations until at least Monday, April 6th. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you about our plans as they may change.
Let me assure you that this is a “temporary” closure in an effort to do our part help our community, our employees and our own families. Value Villa has been in operation since 1983 and we have no intention of letting this current, global situation prevent us from continuing with our passion of serving our customers and consignors.
We very much appreciate your patience with us while we, as well as many other businesses are taking these necessary precautions for the benefit of all.
We appreciate your business and support and again encourage all to remain positive. My staff and I wish you all good health and hope that you aren’t too adversely affected by this unusual and chaotic situation we find ourselves in.
Scott Engler, Manager




To all of our valued customers and consignors,
Value Villa does plan to remain open for the time being.
We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely including guidelines from the Federal and State governments and the recommendations of organizations such as the CDC.
We are very concerned for the wellbeing of our customers as well as our employees. We are monitoring our employees to ensure no one is exhibiting any symptoms of the Coronavirus. We feel we can meet the suggested “Social Distancing” guidelines as there is ample room to move about the store without crowding. We are cleaning and disinfecting all of our working surfaces each day and throughout the day, including our counters, shopping carts, door handles, pens, credit card processing terminals, computer keyboards and our backroom processing area.
We are encouraging our customers to follow the government’s guidelines as well, and to not come to the store if they are feeling unwell.
As much as we are concerned for their health, we are also concerned for the livelihood of our employees who depend on their paychecks, as so many others do. It’s our goal to continue to provide them the opportunity meet their financial obligations. As Federal legislation to expand and distribute resources to aid employees affected by this crisis are finalized, and as new guidelines, or restrictions are imposed, we will take appropriate action to do our part to ensure the safety and health of our customers, our employees, and our community.
We appreciate your business and encourage all to remain positive. This is a temporary situation and our Great Nation will recover!




Even though March 19th is officially the First Day of Spring...
We've already loaded our racks with shorts, capris, sun dresses, sandals and more!
You don't have to wait until the calendar says it's Spring - get down to the Villa and check out our selection of great Spring and Summer fashions.
When it does become "Official" you'll be ready!

The Prom is coming, The Prom is coming!



Is "Prom" a holiday? If not it should be!
We've had a lot of people asking about Prom dresses!
When can we consign our dresses? When will the dresses go on display?
We are now accepting Prom Dresses on consignment and they're on the racks!
We have some beautiful dresses already on display from this year, and we have some stunning dresses left from last year that are on sale!
Lots of styles and sizes and prices to choose from and we're getting more in each day!
Come in and pick the perfect dress for the night you'll remember the rest of your life!




So, the "Groundhog" predicted an "EARLY SPRING."
I suppose he has as much chance of being right as any other "Weather Person."
So, we're going with the Groundhog and NOW ACCEPTING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING!
That means NO MORE WINTER CLOTHING CONSIGNMENTS like: Coats, hats, boots, gloves, sweaters, heavy scarves, wool, flannel PJ's etc.
Remember - Summer doesn't last long here in Wyoming so the time to get those summer items in is now!
We can only hope the "Rodent" is right and warm weather is on its way soon!




We have entered into a new year!
You saw how fast the last one went by, so it will definitely help to have a plan for this one!
You already have soo many things to think about and keep track of, that we want to make getting your consignments in to us as simple as possible.
Yes, you still have to schedule a reservation. Yes, we still have almost 17,000 consignors so you'll have to compete for a reservation, but...
by taking a look at our "Seasonal Schedule" for this year, you'll be able to get a head start on clearing out the stuff you're not using.
You can find the "Seasonal Schedule" on our website:, listed under "Consign With Us."
You will see, for instance, that we are going to take Christmas Decorations three different times this year! Starting with January 7th through the 25th. So, as your taking down your decorations, you can sort out the ones you won't be using next year and bring 'em down! You won't have to store them all year - we will! We'll accept them again in July and obviously as Christmas gets closer in October.
You'll notice that the time for getting in your WINTER WEAR is drawing to a close. January 25th is the last day for Winter Clothing Consignments.
But, as one season ends another begins and we'll start taking Spring and Summer Clothing and Easter Decorations on February 4th.
It makes you feel warmer just reading the words...SPRING AND SUMMER, and they're actually not too far away! Start sorting that stuff out now and be the first to bring it in!
There's a lot more information there - everything from Valentines, Prom Dresses, Summer Equipment (bikes, baseball gloves, lawn mowers), and Halloween Decorations!
Once you know the "Schedule," you'll have plenty of time to be prepared.
You might take a look at our "Item Preparation Guide," as well. A lot of good information about getting your items ready for consignment and making sure everything is as "sellable" as it can be!
We appreciate all of our GREAT Consignors and Customers! We want everyone to have a wonderful 2020! And as for consigning your items with Value Villa - we want it to go as smoothly and stress free as possible!
Keep checking back here and on Facebook and our Google posts for updates.
Thank you for doing business with us and HAVE A GREAT YEAR!




Was 2019 a great year?
Was 2019 a bad year?
Was it something in between?
We can look back with joy or regret - but we can't change the past.
What we can do is look forward to a new year.
One that will present us with new challenges and opportunities and hopefully reward us for giving our best effort to making our own lives and the lives of others, better!
From all of us at Value Villa:


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