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Value Villa is coming back with a BANG!

We're kickin' off our reopening with a BIG SALE!
Every Color Tag (Except Blue and White) is on Sale at...
50% OFF!

Lot's of Summer Clothes and Accessories and Household Items to choose from!

It all starts Wednesday June 3rd at 9:00am!

We'll be waiting for you!





While we would like to reopen to pre COVID-19, “business as usual,” standards, we will implement some temporary policy changes as well as sanitation measures in order to deter the continued spread of the virus and protect our staff and customers.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: We have a large building with plenty of space to accommodate our loyal customers. While we don’t anticipate any issues with occupancy restrictions, we would like all visitors to be courteous to their fellow patrons and follow the guidelines established by the CDC and the state health officials and Governor Gordon. Please adhere to the following steps so everyone can feel safe while shopping:
1. If you feel ill in any way or are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus please don’t enter the building.
2. Whenever possible remain 6 feet away from other patrons who are not from your household. Please allow whomever was in an area of the store first, to vacate before you enter that space. (Within 6 feet)
3. At the Check-Out or Check-In counters, please follow the instructions of the employees to process your sale and incoming consignments.
4. Our public restroom will remain locked and out of service.

CONSIGNMENTS: We have some catching up to do processing orders so we won’t be accepting consignments this week. We’ll notify you when we’re ready – hopefully next week. We will continue to accept consignments by reservation with the following changes to our Consignment Policy:
1. All incoming boxed consignments will be quarantined for three days.
2. All incoming furniture consignments will be disinfected when possible or quarantined for 3 days if not.
3. With each reservation we will accept 1 MEDIUM SIZE BOX PER CONSIGNOR due to the need to quarantine those items. You will be limited to 1 reservation per week in an effort to serve as many consignors as possible. We will adjust this policy and increase consignments as we are able to do so.
4. We will not provide “courtesy sorts” or “pre-sorts” for boxed consignments. Please make sure all your consigned items are clean and meet the standards listed in our consignment agreement. Once the three day quarantine period for a box has ended, we will sort the order and recycle or discard any unusable items per our policy.

PURCHASES: Refunds of purchased items will be limited due to space and time limitations for quarantining incoming items; also, due to the understandable need for customers to remove tags to launder or clean their purchases.
1. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED for any sold items accept electronics or furniture.
2. Please check all items for fit and function and likability before making your purchase.

Many of our customers have contacted us via email and Facebook to inquire when we would be reopening and to express their desire to get in their “Value Villa Fix.” We so appreciate all the kind remarks that were made. We also greatly appreciate the understanding and patience of all of you while we cautiously evaluated the spread of the virus and how it could affect our staff and their families and you and your families. We are ready to get back to work serving our community and our customers (friends) as safely as possible. While some of the above, temporary, changes are inconvenient, they are done with the safety of everybody in mind. We have a great selection of merchandise from summer clothing to household items ready for you to shop! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you! WELCOME BACK TO THE VILLA!




Even though March 19th is officially the First Day of Spring...
We've already loaded our racks with shorts, capris, sun dresses, sandals and more!
You don't have to wait until the calendar says it's Spring - get down to the Villa and check out our selection of great Spring and Summer fashions.
When it does become "Official" you'll be ready!




So, the "Groundhog" predicted an "EARLY SPRING."
I suppose he has as much chance of being right as any other "Weather Person."
So, we're going with the Groundhog and NOW ACCEPTING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING!
That means NO MORE WINTER CLOTHING CONSIGNMENTS like: Coats, hats, boots, gloves, sweaters, heavy scarves, wool, flannel PJ's etc.
Remember - Summer doesn't last long here in Wyoming so the time to get those summer items in is now!
We can only hope the "Rodent" is right and warm weather is on its way soon!




We have entered into a new year!
You saw how fast the last one went by, so it will definitely help to have a plan for this one!
You already have soo many things to think about and keep track of, that we want to make getting your consignments in to us as simple as possible.
Yes, you still have to schedule a reservation. Yes, we still have almost 17,000 consignors so you'll have to compete for a reservation, but...
by taking a look at our "Seasonal Schedule" for this year, you'll be able to get a head start on clearing out the stuff you're not using.
You can find the "Seasonal Schedule" on our website:, listed under "Consign With Us."
You will see, for instance, that we are going to take Christmas Decorations three different times this year! Starting with January 7th through the 25th. So, as your taking down your decorations, you can sort out the ones you won't be using next year and bring 'em down! You won't have to store them all year - we will! We'll accept them again in July and obviously as Christmas gets closer in October.
You'll notice that the time for getting in your WINTER WEAR is drawing to a close. January 25th is the last day for Winter Clothing Consignments.
But, as one season ends another begins and we'll start taking Spring and Summer Clothing and Easter Decorations on February 4th.
It makes you feel warmer just reading the words...SPRING AND SUMMER, and they're actually not too far away! Start sorting that stuff out now and be the first to bring it in!
There's a lot more information there - everything from Valentines, Prom Dresses, Summer Equipment (bikes, baseball gloves, lawn mowers), and Halloween Decorations!
Once you know the "Schedule," you'll have plenty of time to be prepared.
You might take a look at our "Item Preparation Guide," as well. A lot of good information about getting your items ready for consignment and making sure everything is as "sellable" as it can be!
We appreciate all of our GREAT Consignors and Customers! We want everyone to have a wonderful 2020! And as for consigning your items with Value Villa - we want it to go as smoothly and stress free as possible!
Keep checking back here and on Facebook and our Google posts for updates.
Thank you for doing business with us and HAVE A GREAT YEAR!




Was 2019 a great year?
Was 2019 a bad year?
Was it something in between?
We can look back with joy or regret - but we can't change the past.
What we can do is look forward to a new year.
One that will present us with new challenges and opportunities and hopefully reward us for giving our best effort to making our own lives and the lives of others, better!
From all of us at Value Villa:


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