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Aaah...Spring Is In The Air!


Do you know the best part about Winter?
It comes right before Spring!
And since we're talking about Spring, you should start thinking about refreshing your Spring wardrobe.
Of course you'll have to clear room in your closet first, and the sooner the better.
We will start accepting Spring and Summer apparel for consignment on February 3rd.
So get it out, box it up and make a note to schedule an appointment!
Don't can find all this information on our, "Seasonal Schedule," at the bottom of the website under, "Consign With Us."

Welcome to Value Villa


Our logo says it all. Big, “value,” under one roof!

Established in 1983, we are the region’s largest consignment store, with over 15,000 consignors.

Our customers enjoy a vast array of consigned, gently used, merchandise to choose from. Just check out our “What We Have” page! And since we accept and display new consignments five days a week our inventory changes by the hour. We’re sure to have something you didn’t even know you needed. The, “value,” to be had from buying preowned is incredible and when the merchandise is clean, safe and guaranteed to work, you have nothing to lose.

Our consignors benefit from our 31 years of experience, a clean, well-organized, 10,000 square foot sales floor, an efficient appointment system, and a dedicated staff that caringly process over 1000 items a day. The money returned to our consignors is a great, “value,” to them, and can be used as credit here in the store or collected any time during open hours, and put to use where it’s needed the most.

Our community is our home. By simply keeping many of these items from finding their way to the landfill, we help preserve our home and the environment that we live in and share with others. It’s often an overlooked, “value,” of our business, but one we take pride in.

Our commitment to providing great service is unwavering. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve your shopping and consigning experience. This, our new website, is one of those improvements. Shop online for, “special items,” we have listed; check your account balance; or find out what we’re accepting and what’s on sale. It works from your mobile devices as well. You can even leave us a message on Facebook. So we say again…